Non-profits need to establish good business practices to ensure they are breaking even and growing healthy cash flow to fund their march to change the world. However, instead of sales and leads, the goal of their marketing campaigns should be gaining more supporters and non-profit brand evangelists. After you’ve completed a successful awareness campaign, instead of customers you want them to know your story and donate money.

We believe there are a lot of non-profits doing so much good in the world. So much we believe so, that we build three fresh free websites, for them every year. We also wanted to dedicate an article to them so they can learn a bit more specific on how they can formulate a social strategy that can help expand the mission.

Always let people know you’re a non-profit

A nonprofit can mean a lot of things to many people. When a person sees the term, they usually give it a sense of importance and respect knowing they are doing something good. It doesn’t matter if they were actively looking for non-profits, or if they were looking for volunteering opportunities, once they come across you online, you want them to choose to learn more about you.

A big example when creating a Business Facebook Page and deciding which category your organization is under, choose “Company, Organization, or Institution.” then choose the non-profit choice. You’ll then be able to identify in Facebook searches when people search for non-profits. Your page will also reflect this change. If you already created your Facebook page, don’t worry. You can still change it!

Don’t forget to reflect this on all your other social channels! Instagram bios, LinkedIn company pages, Twitter, everywhere!

Utilize the “Donate Now” CTAs on Facebook

Facebook allows pages to place a button under the cover photo. This is called a CTA (Call to action) It’s usually the most visible button on the page and tells the visitors to do something immediately. The “Donate Now” button is probably the best choice for nonprofits that need to raise funds (which would be many of them). Connect your preferred payment method to Facebook under its Page options tab at the top.

Facebook Ads for non-profits?

The great thing is that you can also utilize the non-profit “Donate now” button to any Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns. Develop and design a truly compelling ad, with a “Donate now $10” copy text on the headline and watch the donation come in. This is great if you have an audience that likes your page that has donated in the past. These people are probably likely to donate again. Sounds like an effective strategy to us. Just adjust your ad spend to lifetime budget so you can only spend so much.

Emphasize the good you’re doing through content

Sometimes the message and mission that you’re trying to accomplish are a bit hard to tell through words. This is where video marketings, articles, and even Facebook live campaigns come in. Always make sure your page is scheduled with lots of content and jump on every opportunity to find a way to engage with your followers. Facebook, fortunately, has many great features like polls, contests, and recommendations to keep your community intrigued. Try to tell your mission in a way like a story.

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