The beautiful world of internet marketing.

Internet marketing can be the most confusing thing in the world. You have to know all the pieces to the puzzle. Not only that but you’re putting together a puzzle without knowing what the puzzle is supposed to look like once it’s done, and for you my good reader, It’s no different when you’re building an Internet marketing lead generation campaign — where so many little pieces have to come together successfully to build the complete picture. A successful lead generation campaign has to cast as wide of a net as possible in order to attract and convert many different types of website visitors. That means bringing together numerous moving parts and making sure they fit together in the most effective way.

At Uproot, we come in contact with dozens of small business owners, and marketing managers from franchises every week. We see a common problem of these folks wanting to use the internet to generate revenue for their company but not knowing the roadmap to do just that. We don’t like to sugarcoat things, and we tell them upfront that it’s a very complicated world and certain things have a learning curve. We also HATE to see so many business owners waste Facebook Ad budgets, build DIY websites, and other things that generate little or no results for the objective their seeking. Some amazing people for the StraightNorth SEO agency out west reached out wanting to share their awesome infographic to our audience. So without further ado, we’ll let their content director Mr. Brad Shorr finish this article off. 😉

Here at Internet marketing agency Straight North, we’ve spent a lot of time examining successful lead generation campaigns and figuring out how all the puzzle pieces fit together. We’ve identified the elements that make up successful campaigns that attract and convert website visitors. We’ve also discovered how these elements complement one another and work together to drive the best possible results for Internet marketers. Based on all of that research, we’ve created the infographic. Below we have an excellent example of the entire internet marketing ecosystem and how you have so many options when it comes to generating sales, leads, and visits to your website. Using this infographic as a blueprint of sorts, Internet marketers, and small business owners can build a lead generation campaign or fine-tune an existing campaign that will deliver stronger results for their efforts. Take a look at this blueprint and check your lead generation campaign against it to see if there’s anything missing from it. Knowing what the puzzle is supposed to look like before you start putting it together is essential. This blueprint can provide you with the best place to start.


created by Straight North

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing company in Chicago that provides professional SEO, PPC and web design services. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Brad has been featured in leading online publications including Forbes, Moz, and American Marketing Association.


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