About a year ago, we took a good hard look at how our project management processes were working here at Uproot. We created business map flows for every one of our services. We wanted to rapidly automate what we could, to save time, and increase billable hours. We noticed our WordPress projects were seriously taking up a huge portion of our time. Installing themes, installing WP on a client-server, managing hosts, updating the core WP one by one, and not to mention dealing with the hideous Cpanel dashboard. What did the future look like? We were happy with our hosting partner, Hostgator, but couldn’t shake the feeling that there might be a better situation out there for us. Then we got targeted by one of their “white papers” aka e-books on managing multiple WordPress sites. We were sold. They are a bit pricier than we would have like but if you really account for the time wasted doing menial tasks that could be automated, it saved us a ton of headaches, freed up our time and honestly we feel like we have a creative, WP-expert, hosting team behind us with what we pay them every month.

As we grew, Uproot is now a member of Flywheel’s Agency Partners program. From their initial contact, Flywheel’s team has been nothing but open and welcoming. In some ways, they’ve gone above and beyond to make our transition from HostGator both painless and cost-effective.

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Why The Switch?

We didn’t make this decision lightly. We enjoyed the margins on hosting in the front end from Hostgator. However, they didn’t align with our long term goals of being a top-notch WP/Marketing agency. They have a great product at a great price, but we needed something different. We needed a partnership.

We currently manage more than 50 sites with Flywheel, many of them hosting with us. We also know that Flywheel will be there to support us and help Uproot grow to meet those increased costs.

What really drives home the idea of a partnership with Flywheel is having a dedicated account manager (Shout out to Nick & Liz!). That’s something we didn’t have at HostGator, and what ultimately sealed the deal. No longer was the burden on us to make sure our client’s sites were up to speed. No more responsibility with backups, core updates, and hosting questions. Our rep has already followed up several times to make sure my migration went off without a hitch. We even got our first bit of swag in the mail today. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Thinking of switching or just want to know more about our switch to Flywheel? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to help you know how Flywheel can enhance the performance of your site or the workflows of your agency.

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