Recruiting and finding the right talent for your business is hard, time-consuming, and usually expensive. But what if it wasn’t? Well luckily in the technology era we have compiled a couple of tech companies and startups seeking to do just that. Make hiring, vetting, and recruiting easier. This takes a lot of resources so let’s start off with one of our favorites. HQ’d right here in Atlanta.

  1. HireWire

    Hirewire is a location-based app that allows service industry job seekers and employers to schedule in-person interviews on-demand. Joining and creating a business account is quick, easy, and for a limited time, it’s free to try. This is a no brainer solution for trying to staff the gaps in your business.

  2. LinkedIn

    With over 425 million professionals on the network, LinkedIn is the primary place to find and source talent and is one of the reasons why LinkedIn Recruiter is the most popular recruiting mobile app for many recruiters and businesses. While it’s a bit pricier, you should never cheap out on hiring the best of the best. After all, they are going to be working for you.

  3. InstaJob

    This is a very handy little app for employers who are looking to begin recruiting; it enables you to import photos of your business premises and instantly turn them into professional looking job advertisements to share online via a variety of social media and networking sites. This is a great platform for restaurants, bars, cafes, and more fast food industry markets.

While you can never find the best candidates immediately, you can always save some time and source a larger pool of interested candidates wanting to work for you. Not every solution is foolproof, as it truly takes someone dedicated to filling in your dream spot. However in industries like the food and retail markets. Churn is high and there is always a large pool of job seekers willing to apply and work for your business. A smart tip is to include a job application or contact form to collect interested job seekers and have a list of resumes on file when you are ready to hire.