Rise and shine’

The more your body gets to sleep, the more it wants. That’s just human nature. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average human needs about 7-8 hours of sleep. A small 4% of the population can thrive on as little as 4 hours of sleep! We don’t recommend oversleeping nor depriving your body of it’s necessary to rest. However, it’s been deeply embedded in the “hustle” mentality and culture that entrepreneurship has cultivated in the last decade. Good morning can only be a good morning if your brain and body are jet-set and ready to go, and sleep deprivation imprisons the rest of your day’s activities with inefficiency and laziness. Here, we list the top 5-morning routine tips for entrepreneurs.

1. Wake up and stretch first thing in the morning

Stretching can lead to many improved health benefits. Also, there really isn’t a perfect time to stretch than in the coziness of your bed. We recommend doing some back stretches and taking 10-15 second deep breaths to get oxygen in your brain right away. This habit of skipping the snooze button can relax your body in the morning and prepare you for the day’s more rigorous activities.

2. Make it a habit of implementing some exercise before the sun rises

You could hit the gym, go for a run, or just do some pushups and pullups around the house. Investing in your health is the greatest investment. A good 45-minute session, 3-4 times a week is honestly good enough for most people. Many times, entrepreneurs think they are investing their time wisely by working an extreme amount of hours and eating poorly. While we admire the work ethic, this ultimately leads to inefficiency in performing to the best of your abilities.

3. Listen to one audiobook while you eat breakfast

This way, you’ve started out your day inspired and fired up to get things done! Constantly reading and learning is a habit and skill that most successful entrepreneurs live by. By knocking out one book a week like this, you’ll be on the same path to success. Make sure you never skip breakfast.. that leads to other bad things. If you can’t find the audiobook version of your favorite books, we recommend an entrepreneurial podcast. Or something with Tony Robbins in it. (We joke, we joke.)

4. Drink black coffee only in the morning

You never want to start off your morning with something sugar-filled because that always leads to a terrible crash in energy. Many times we make caffeine + sugar packed coffee only to realize we need another one by 11. We recommend starting off your day with just plain black coffee to wake up the soul. It may not taste as well, but it’s certainly bold. Black coffee also has numerous health benefits.

5.  Get done with your most difficult task

Tackle your most difficult task in the early stages of your day. This way you can build momentum for your day, not feel guilty if you slow down later, and feel accomplished that you’re progressing forward with your goals. Track your progress weekly. This way you hold yourself accountable for your decisions and squash procrastination.

It’s time to Uproot!