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Find your next plastic surgery patients using Facebook Ads.

Running Facebook Ads for your plastic surgery practice can be a great way to grow your patient list and build you brand. However, you have to be very careful when running ads in the medical, beauty, and weight loss niches. You can’t have “before and after” pictures,...

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Why we joined Flywheel’s Agency Program

  About a year ago, we took a good hard look at how our project management processes were working here at Uproot. We created business map flows for every one of our services. We wanted to rapidly automate what we could, to save time, and increase billable hours....

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Why Atlanta is the next great city for startups

The entrepreneurial spirit in Atlanta has never been more alive. Over the last 3 to 5 years, there’s been a growing buzz in Atlanta’s technology community. As a Atlanta implant (North GA native) and entrepreneur, I’ve had a strong sense that something has been brewing...

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The Power of the Visual

Ever seen a video of a product so good that it just makes you want to buy it and you don’t even remotely need it? Well that tells you that the visual marketing team did their job right. Understanding the role visual presentation plays in digital media as a medium to...

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Organic content on Facebook is DEAD

If your business hasn't been implementing paid advertising on Facebook, it may just have to now. Facebook has recently overhauled their old news feed algorithm, and that has the advertising and small business world sweating. In turn, this should also have you sweating...

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