In the digital marketing world, a landing page is a standalone web page or link, created just specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign and it’s usually to collect customer information or direct them to action (CTA). In the Facebook Ads world, it’s the external link where your ad takes the viewer once they click through. In the PPC world, It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar. You want to carefully design your landing page and make sure you have an attention-grabbing call to action. So don’t screw it up!*

So with this knowledge, remember this – Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA).

This great simplicity is what makes landing pages the best-known option for increasing conversion rates and getting the most out of the of your Google AdWords campaigns or other PPC marketing platforms.

To fully understand and grasp the power between a landing page, and the other pages on your website, such as your homepage, it’s important to consider the design differences. This awesome example from Unbounce, (a great landing page maker btw) helps you understand.

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Homepage (left) vs. Landing Page (right)

Having fewer links on your landing page has been proven to increase conversion rates when it comes to paid advertising, as there are fewer available distractions. Just check out our homepage, we have like a ton of links to visit our other pages. But, if you click on this page, our contact page, we have fewer. Which is why a marketer or agency that knows what their doing, and is involved with managing paid advertising for clients always use a well designed standalone landing page as the destination of their ad traffic when they click through.

 So with this knowledge, remember this – Landing pages should be designed and created with the fewest links possible to avoid any distractions. 

 Landing pages are essential for Facebook Ads, PPC, and other marketing tools and methods. *Always make sure the landing page is well designed and of course, implement a split testing strategy with different CTA’s and ad copy to make sure you’re getting the best performing landing page and increasing your objective rate. We hope this clears some of the smoke!


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