Note: Take all of these Facebook stats with a grain of salt. Also with that in mind, take a look at the trends and see if any of these could be helpful to your ad campaigns and strategy. Let us know what these mean to you!

1.) Almost 80% of people living in the United States is on Facebook. 

Following a Pew Research Centre study, as of late 2016, a whooping eight-in-ten online Americans (80%) use Facebook! Imagine that, those are crazy metrics and we can see why so many American brands are doubling down on their Facebook ad spending.

This dwarfs other competing social networks that are also popular in the United States.  Twitter comes a far off second at (24%), Pinterest (31%), Instagram (32%), and last, but not least LinkedIn (29%). Facebook is truly the social king.

2.) Over 70% of Facebook users visit the platform daily!

According to another 2016 Pew Research Centre study, 76% of Facebook users have reported that they visit the site every single day and 55% multiple times a day. Those are crazy metrics.

Again, compared to other platforms, this is by far the most popular. However this time, Instagram comes at a not too far second place (51%), with a close third to Twitter (42%), LinkedIn (18%), and Pinterest (25%).

3.) Facebook is the most used social media platform among ALL age groups

Overall when you break down the age demographics, as shown above, Facebook is still the most popular among all age groups on average.

Under all the data, however, among 12-24-year-olds, it has been overtaken by Snapchat (72%) with Instagram close behind (66%). Lately, Facebook has been stepping up their game and platform against Snapchat and has integrated and some say “copied” the stories feature to their Instagram channel. (Facebook owns Instagram in case you’ve been hiding under a rock.)

If you want your campaign to reach the maximum amount of impressions, combine Facebook ads with Instagram ads. This can be easily done when you’re setting up your ads in your campaign. Facebook has a large ad network with many choices on where you want your ads to appear. Click on your preferences when choosing the ad placement. We recommend just selecting the feed for Facebook and Instagram. Of course, this is still dependent on the objective of your campaign, Instagram is a more image focused platform, but has its cool perks.

4.) 56% of adult Internet users use more than one social media platform

Once again, a Pew Research Centre’study concluded that it’s data showed nearly 9 out of 10 of people using Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest also have a Facebook account they actively use… well it isn’t that surprising. I mean doesn’t everyone have that embarrassing Facebook album from 2009?

And for the people who only have one social platform? The tells us that the majority have at least a Facebook account out of all the other major social networks.

What does this mean for you? It means incorporating a multi-channel marketing strategy make work well for your company. Discuss with your team who your major demographic is and decide whether marketing on multiple platforms may prove fruitful.

5.) Facebook accounts for 80% of social logins on mobile devices.

According to a lengthy report by AdvertisingAge it looks like Facebook is also king and even more visible on mobile social logins.

A whopping 80% of all of these logins were from Facebook. What does this mean for you? If most of your demographic is probably accessing Facebook on their phone, make sure to split test and try running an ad on mobile ONLY. Who knows, you might be wasting some of your ad budgets on campaigns that could perform much better like this. Experiment your ad placements a bit.

6.) It’s not Google, but Facebook users search two billion things a MONTH

We used to think people didn’t use the mini search engine that Facebook has, but oh boy were we wrong. Not only do they, but they do more than two billion times a month! This is based on a study done by our pals over at Techcrunch.

7.) Not hating on millennials, but they can’t survive longer than 5 hours without Facebook

An eMarketer 2017 study found that 42% of people between the ages of 22 – 35 told them they had not lasted more than five hours since last hitting the refresh button on their feed. Talk about social addictions! Let’s at least make them look at your stuff while they’re scrolling. 🙂

8.) Since 2016, you’re probably seeing a sharp decline in organic reach

Since January 2016 through mid-July 2016, publishers’ Facebook Pages saw a sharp 52% decline in organic reach, This is according to a study that Marketing Land’s data shows were called the REACHPOCALYPSE. (Not a joke!) This just means that Facebook wants businesses to pay for likes, engagements, clicks, and shares. Hey, business is business. The good thing is that Facebook ads can have a huge ROI and can help grow your business in so many ways. Don’t just rely on your existing customer base, always look for ways to make use of it and let your brand reach new audiences.

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