Boosting your advertising burn rate

As business owners, we all know the importance of a business plan, a financial forecast plan, and everything in between. Sometimes we decide to skip out on the marketing aspects, or we just allocate a tiny budget to a marketing plan. However, having a separate “digital marketing” plan is crucial for any business owner who is serious about using the internet to increase at least one of the following:

Brand Awareness: This is an important component to multi-location and every one location businesses who rely on a big portion of their local market to succeed. Whether it is being found on the search engines, having a good social media marketing campaign, or just a kick-ass website, it’s all useless if your local customers can’t find you. Investing in this from the forefront can help you be found by everyone in your local radius who is most likely to purchase and visit your brick and mortar.

Leads & Sales: Online sales aren’t just for the e-commerce websites and businesses. Being able to book clients and capture important customer information for your CRM or just email lists is also considered a lead. They might be at the top of your sales funnel, but they are more likely to funnel thought with your internal sales efforts to becoming a paying customer. For an example, a dentist could capture appointments and phone numbers to sell braces or other high-cost cosmetic procedures. However, getting them to the site is going to be a challenge, a challenge that will need a good digital marketing plan.

So whether you’re a brand new location or just a business that needs a refreshingly new update on their marketing plan, it’s 2018 and the time has never been riper. With the coming of much more marketing automation software and powerful new marketing/targeting techniques, you can now get in front of your most sought-after clients and have the data/analytics that backs up what you’re investing. We recommend hiring an agency that knows this marketplace the best, and that will consult you with the best marketing practices, software, and strategies to deploy to have a successful 2018. Sometimes as business owners we say “don’t fix what’s broken”, and this time we can safely say that older methods of advertising are broken, not cost effective, or trackable. It’s time to invest in good quality marketing strategies to grow your brand’s footprint, reach newer customers, and build a local awareness like never before. Just take a look below at this infographic from StraightNorth (Mad respect to them btw) that includes a large portion of marketing services. It may look scary but some of these services may provide an opportunity. This Online Internet marketing lead generation ecosystem illustrates how all components fit together to form cohesive campaigns. It is intended to give marketing leaders and business owners a nice blueprint for building a complete Internet marketing strategy that maximizes sales lead generation and brand awarenss.



At Uproot, we care about the best marketing practices. We hate wasting our clients time and our resources as well. We work with hundreds of small businesses across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Australia. Every business is unique like a snowflake and has different needs, different goals, and different things impacting their growth. We never offer a one-size fits all solution and can quickly give you a custom proposal to win your business.

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