We’re going to show you how to tap into Facebook’s powerful targeting and data bank to bring your Shopify store more sales. Facebook ads have a clear advantage over every single other advertising channel with only Google’s AdWords coming a close second. Facebook, in our opinion, is better because it allows you to target your advertisements by

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Behaviors

Currently, Bing Ads and Google Adwords can’t target this well and are generally much more expensive and competitive. For an e-commerce type business like Shopify or WooCommerce, this is super useful and very powerful in terms of direct targeting and retargeting.

Now we know after reading this you’re probably super excited and you should be! But before you dump your entire marketing budget into Facebook ads, you have to understand that people on Facebook are there to interact with people and share embarrassing pictures (sometimes), not necessarily to purchase products/services.

When you start planning your marketing strategy and start spending that hard-earned money on paid advertising. Always remember what your objective is when you run an ad campaign and who your target audience is most likely to be. For example, people who like fitness pages, fitness models, and related content are a good audience fit to target fitness gear too because those are complimentary interests.

Create buyer personas, put yourself in your target/ideal customers shoes

Create your Facebook ads the Uproot way

There might be a chance that your product will sell like hot pockets at a hackathon using Facebook advertising. To find out, the number one thing to do before you start using the conversion objective for your campaign is to start creating an audience from the traffic objective. Unless you already have customer data (like emails) that you can import, Facebook probably doesn’t know who your target audience is and can only create it from the people who have already liked your page. (Don’t try this if you have very little page likes). You will have to collect pixel data by targeting broader and slowly niching through different ads. This will let you know which custom audience is engaging and clicking through on your ad. Once you have some pixel data to play with, then you can start making ads to for the converting events. (Like purchase or retargeting to people who added to cart).

Below, we’re going to go through some tips on how you should think about creating Facebook advertisements. These tips will hopefully prove helpful and guide through a marketers perspective about how to target customers and right advertisements so that you run a successful Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Use great copy and switch it up

Remember what we said about personas? It’s time to think about them again. Go back and think about your companies culture and brand and what kind of language you would use to communicate with your customers. If you know how some of your customers speak about your brand, go and see if you can use any of those remarks on your ads. Don’t forget, you want to be able to speak to them.

Weirdly enough, Facebook ads will get old very quickly. The reason is that they are shown to the same people over and over. Every single time someone from your audience logs onto Facebook, the chances are very high that they will see your ad at least one time over the course of a one or two-week campaign.

We usually switch up the ads every single week or every two weeks. Put a Slack or a reminder on your phone to see how your ads are performing. Always take note and see which ads are performing and converting and make sure to pause and kill the ones that are not!

What if it’s still not working out for me?

We all make mistakes. Usually, for a new time user of Facebook ads, it’s due to some poor targeting. Try targeting people that like your competitor’s pages. Nonetheless, people come to Facebook to share pictures of their food and like cat videos. If your ROI is looking good, then great! You should come work for us. 🙂 You should continue optimizing and testing new ideas with different products.

However, even with the power of Facebook ads, getting the conversion costs down, targeting the right audience, and messing with the pixel can be difficult and confusing. The great thing is that it’s not only incredibly useful for selling but it’s also amazing for building out for brand awareness and community! The best way is to change your campaign objective to traffic/brand awareness to get people to like your Facebook Page. While nowadays, an organic follower or someone that likes your page only has a 7% chance of seeing your advertisement. You now have created a great audience that resonates with your brand. The social proof for your brand is now there.

Another cheeky way is to build your email list by having them opt-in for any specials and offer. Email marketing still to this day is one of the best marketing strategies that bring in one of the highest ROI’s in the industry. We recommend you get started for free on Mailchimp. Facebook has an easy integration! The cool thing is that your email list is probably going to outlive every social network we have today. (Remember MySpace?) 😉 Here’s just some of our tips to aid your journey to the top!


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