Facebook Messenger Marketing Is The Future!

Ditch old email strategies and engage with more leads through messenger marketing. Chatbots for Facebook Messenger is one of the newest ways to engage and nurture a new audience to become loyal lasting customers.

Why Facebook Messenger?

With its 1.3 billion Month Active Users, Facebook Messenger is one of the leading messaging platforms in the world. With so many users, chances are that many of your customers use it on a daily basis!

What can a Facebook Messenger bot do?

A Messenger bot can converse with your customers using open text or buttons, show images and videos, and even taking payments all via the chat interface.

You can start a conversation via a special Messenger URL, a button on your website, or even an ad (see more below).

Why are Facebook Messenger ads so effective

and how do I know it’s right for my business?

When to choose Facebook Messenger for your bot 

✔  If you already engage with your customers or advertise on Facebook and Instagram

✔  If you’re mostly a B2C business (although B2B companies can have successful Messenger bots too!)

✔  If you want to leverage user details available on Facebook (name, email, etc.)

✔  If you don’t need deep branding customisations

Qualify Leads on Autopilot

Dead-end leads begone! Automatically sell to hot prospects ready to buy. 

Preferred Marketing Channel

 People prefer messaging apps over email to communicate. 

Better Customer Experience

Deliver real-time, personalized content over the preferred marketing channel to facilitate purchases.

Close More Sales Faster

Integrated shopping cart puts your products in front of customers on command, at exactly the right moment.

Grow Your Audience

 Engagement rates are 3-4X higher than traditional marketing channels. 

Better Marketing ROI

Chatbot results are blowing everything else out of the water, with over 80% open rates & 70% click-through rates.

Automate Customer Support

Stop wasting time on support, Clever Chatbot can take care of that for you…automatically! 

Better Marketing Reach

Unlike email, deliverability is not an issue because it happens in real time.

Better Decisions

Lower your acquisition costs with richer data insights into your customer base versus popular channels.

We want to build you an incredible messenger bot that converts and sells for you, but are you ready?

Our team can help you achieve your business goals by unlocking the full potential of your business by using Facebook Messenger Bots and ads.