Running Facebook Ads for your plastic surgery practice can be a great way to grow your patient list and build your brand. However, you have to be very careful when running ads in medical, beauty, and weight loss niches. You can’t have “before and after” pictures, can’t make references to someone’s body type, and can’t make ads too personal. A big rule of thumb is also not using the word “you” in the ad copy. You’ll get strikes for that.

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you’re able to run them side by side layering interests with geographical targeting. This makes advertising extremely effective during lead gen campaigns. It allows you to segment and only targets your most preferred and likely customers in a variety of ways. A quick example would be to run the ad like this: Target the upper middle class divorced or single women, with the ad copy talking about a procedure a certain celebrity had done. The link would lead to a landing page with details about that procedure, and how it shaved 20 years off that celebrities looks. You build rapport by showcasing this certain plastic surgeon that has x number of years or experience also doing it. Give them a free consultation with a form, that includes a phone number, email, and name. Have one of your receptionists call the leads, and email them an informational brochure.

Targeting: Upper Middle Class (divorced & single women) 


Ad creative: A landing page with a celebrity testimonial or pictures of the surgical procedure results.


Landing page: Celebrity photos of the end result, past client testimonials, a short bio of the surgeon with a form asking for his information.

plastic surgery patients using facebook ads uproot

This is an example of a simple funnel that is targeting a broad blanket audience. Depending on the stage the audience you’re using is on, you can switch the different types of creatives out for others and test different types of ad copy as well. Since this is a high ticket purchase, we recommend you warm up your audience using some articles or informational articles such as “How to get ready for your first plastic surgery” or “How long does recovery take after your first plastic surgery?”. This gets the people who are truly interested to click through and read the article. If you have a retargeting code such as the Facebook Pixel, you can retarget these people who clicked through with the ad above, giving them a free consultation.

We hear and speak to a lot of people say that “Facebook ads don’t work”, and what we’ve typically found when talking to these people is that they decide to boost one post and put their whole budget into it. The boosted post runs and they don’t get any sales, so it’s considered a failure. It is a failure, but there’s really no comparison vs an actual well researched and planned Facebook Ad campaign.

What they didn’t do is to plan out a strategy, and understand what you want to accomplish with the ads first. Facebook has so many options in their campaign objective type, the targeting and the creative that it can be confusing for a novice user. Facebook ads don’t always work immediately. About 80% of the time, our job as an agency is to use our processes and experiences, to quickly figure out what is NOT working and double down on what is. Facebook ads work, when you either get lucky with a great ad, audience and offer combinations or you take the time and manage a process to find the right ad, audience and offer combination. Do you need help with your Facebook Ad campaigns? We’re a full-service Facebook Ads Agency, right here in Atlanta. Reach out to us to see if we’re the right agency that can help your plastic surgery practice advertise on Facebook.