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A newly opened brand and 24 hour fitness facility opened doors and needed to get the word out, fast. 

Our customized marketing strategy drove in 160 memberships in two months through Facebook ads and as social media as their main referral.  Over the course of 4 months, their Facebook page grew 200%, mostly through organic, local growth. Here’s how the Uproot team made that happen.

Complete social media management and custom website.

We’ll let you focus on what you know best, running your business. 

We’ll give you a one on one consultation to determine what strategies and services best fit your business. We’re not a one size fits all agency. You’re a person, and you have a unique business with unique needs.

Retargeted custom audiences

We targeted people between the ages of 20-45, and found a sweet spot with men with a military background. We also retargeted the offers via email and messenger.

Reviews Management

We responded and managed their reviews across multiple ratings sites, including niche ones and made sure every compliment and complaint was getting the attention it deserved.

Social Contests

We ran countless social contests with brand incentives, memberships, and more in return for organic brand awareness from shares. 

Mobile ready website with social media integrations.

We ditched their DIY solution and made them a beautiful mobile-friendly website that ranks first on Google Maps for 24-hour gyms in a 20-mile radius.

Social Media Management and Marketing

We want you to take care of the little, but important things about your business. Enjoy and make sure every human interaction is going just right and is helping grow your reputation as local market leader.

Custom content

Your content shouldn’t be bland and dull. It should reflect your brand guidelines, and should never ever be someone else’s! We’ll make sure your content reflects your brand identity.

Engagement and contests = Constant growth.

With a Facebook page full of rich 5-star reviews, thousands of likes, and the best content locally. The owners at TNU Fitness can now run their business the way they know how and can sleep easy knowing Uproot’s got their back. 

“Their customer service and attentiveness to our needs were impressive. They would go above and beyond for things they were not even paid to do. They were very aware that my gym is a small business and not some big corporation.”

James Sartin