According to a Pew Research study, 55 percent of all millennials in the United States are actively on Instagram and use it daily. That’s a ton of people viewing the world through puppy-face filters and emojis! 🙂

Brands that can use the power of this social platform to connect with their audience and share what is awesome about their business can stand to grow in many ways and profit among this younger demographic. Here are six ways you can make the most and get the clicks on your Facebook/Instagram ads.

Take Viewers Behind the Scenes of your brand.

It’s time to show the world your brand, and you want to make sure they can connect with you. What better way to build trust than to take your viewers and followers behind the scenes? If you’re a restaurant, try giving some shots at how you source your ingredients or cook your food. Honesty and empathy is a great marketing tactic and when viewers see who the people are behind the brand, it helps create that feeling of connectivity and one. A little zen huh? It’s true!

Test Video vs Image Ads.

When Instagram finally let us use videos, more than 5 million were shared on its first day! Video marketing right now is pretty hot and trending. If you have great footage of your products and services. We would recommend you use it to your advantage. Today Facebook lets us share videos of up to 60 seconds! Further research shows that the user wants to see more video content, particularly on social media. (Watch out YouTube!)

Awaken Your Inner Photoshop Skillz.

Instagram has a pretty impressive photo editing interface. We recommend you upload and share all of your posts with the same filters so your profile has synchronicity. If you’re running your ads, we recommend using something like to create them. Remember always follow your brand guidelines! Even if another font looks pretty or great!  Another great tip is using a white background to make the part of the image you want to stand out more.  Instagram is a highly image-focused social network. This is great for businesses like restaurants, e-commerce shops, and retail. Over 40 billion photos have been shared and an average of 80 million per day are uploaded, so the imagery is super important on Instagram.

Check out what everyone else is doing…

The competition is definitely there. For example, there are over 196 million photos under the #food and another 200 million under the #travel hashtag alone. You want Instagram ads to blend in with the users your targeting’s feed. This is in part because you don’t want to push your brand in their face. You want them to see your post as complementary to their other interests and lively feed they have going while their scrolling. Check out what brands in your industry are doing or just pick up your iPhone and scroll to see what advertisers are targeting you Instagram. Jot some notes down and get ideas. Look at other content that is circulating before crafting your ads, and see if you can find a tie-in between what gets the most engagement and your product/service.

Review How Your Users Engage.

When you activate your business tools on your Instagram business profile, you’ll be able to see all the measurable insights and metrics on every single post. Everything from saved photos, impressions, likes, and engagements. If you see that your followers are reacting more towards videos than posts, then try posting a video a bit more often. Tailor your feed based on your audience’s preferences. Next, deliver on it and watch your followers increase, and hopefully, after optimizing your advertisements and targeting them your revenue will also.

Make them click on the ad to “see more”

Sometimes you want to get your audience that sees your ad to minimize the time they are scrolling and just click on your offer! Create a sense of urgency and ask the use personally to click on the ad. Use curiosity gap to intrigue users and click through to learn more/buy now.

What can we help you with? Did you find this article useful? Don’t be afraid to reach out! 🙂