Restaurants usually, and especially in the beginning need to constantly spend money on marketing to attract their initial customers. This is needed to build their foundation and loyal customer base. While we can’t argue that word of mouth, great customer service, and delicious food, of course, is the best kind of growth engine, using social media can attract new hungry faces and give your business valuable feedback. The feedback that can be used to improve, alter, and perfect your brand in the eyes of your customer.

Here are some of the best ways you can use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to promote your business online.

  • 1. Invest in professional photography

    Having beautiful photography helps enhance your food, brand, and the atmosphere of your restaurant. Having blurry and low-quality pictures sometimes don’t get the right message across to your customers. They can be used in a variety of ways, from putting them on your website, table menus, and other promotional items. This is a huge winner in more image-focused social platforms such as Instagram. So just slap on a nice filter on it, and post! Watch the likes come in, and be sure people will come asking for that same dish in the restaurant. Hire a photographer to come take pictures of your customers eating, the environment, the cook, and of course your main dishes. It’s a one-time investment that’s worth it.

  • 2. Build a fan base

    With a Facebook page, you can build a loyal following and offer incentives to share, and promote your page. By simply giving away some gift cards or coupons, you can funnel that hungry traffic online to your store. What’s better than having 500 loyal customers that are ready to spend their money on your delicious food? Invest in your brand and customers, and you’ll see the return on your investment in a variety of ways.

  • 3. Valuable feedback

    Of course, theirs always going to be that one customer that leaves a bad review because he didn’t get enough ice in his water. It’s very difficult to tackle this kind of customers, but it’s always true that there are plenty of ways you can improve your business. Whether it’s your customer service, the quality of the food, or just something as simple as the sauces you offer. You want to make sure your customers can be heard and you want to take that valuable data into your feedback loop to improve your business. A business that doesn’t listen to its customers or market won’t stay in business for a very long time. Use your social media pages as a customer service tool.

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