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A high-end Italian food franchise wanted to bring their pasta to a bigger table.

Our customized marketing strategy and management streamlined the brand communications and awareness across 6 social channels for multiple locations. With each channel getting unique content and while closely following their brand guidelines. We grew there email list by 600% and freed up the corporate office’s job to focus on operations and the supply chain. Here’s how the Uproot team made that happen.

Complete social media management

We’ll let you focus on what you know best, running your business. 

We’ll give you a one on one consultation to determine what strategies and services best fit your business. We’re not a one size fits all agency. You’re a person, and you have a unique business with unique needs.

Targeted hyper-local Facebook Ads

Mirko Pasta’s brand is known throughout Atlanta, however, we were tasked with marketing the new Athens location. We targeted people who’ve like Italian food from a custom Mirko Pasta audience to deliver ads for the new location.

Brand consistency and loyalty

We encouraged foodie photos for content from customers eating inside a Mirko Pasta by running a campaign in each town with a location called #OnlyAtMirkos. 

Brand focused engagement

Highly focused engagements with Mirko’s customers, giving them a sense that their not talking to a bot behind the screen but an actual person. 

Mobile ready website to collects emails

We collected over one thousand emails using a Facebook coupon ad campaign using a Facebook page email plugin. We supported these efforts with mobile-ready newsletter forms on MirkoPasta.com

Social Media Management and Marketing

We want you to take care of the little, but important things about your business. Enjoy and make sure every human interaction is going just right and is helping grow your reputation as the local market leader.


Consistent brand across all marketing channels.

Give us your brand guidelines, and we’ll get the content delivered consistently, to your industry and business. 

More pasta for for everyone

The Mirko Pasta corporate office can be assured they are looking there best online and can focus on running and scaling operations. 

We lacked sufficient time to execute all of our company’s marketing. These efforts include e-mail blasts, monitoring review sites, and running social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Rather than creating a new position in-house, it proved more affordable to outsource these services to a marketing company that lives and breathes this.

Juan Mejia

Controller, Mirko Pasta