Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, both online and offline. They provide and satisfy the needs of local economies and customers. Small business has always been an integral part of the entrepreneurial culture.

The importance of small businesses in our economy and community is huge, but frequently small business owners have a hard time creating, sharing, and distributing content online while successfully running their own business. Most small businesses usually do not have the budget to hire a social media manager. In many cases, all they use is a Facebook page for their business as their medium to be “online”. Small businesses and startups alike watch their budgets very carefully, and expenses outside of running the business smoothly are kept to a bare minimum. This usually means marketing budgets get shaved first, or even worse they waste money on old traditional marketing.

A beautiful website for any small business in this day and age’s version of a first impression. Customers make a variety of instant judgments about whether to visit the business or continue surfing the internet and jump to a competitor’s website. A human eye and mind eyes takes just 2.5 seconds to focus on a particular color/vibe of a website when it loads, says a research team from MSUT.

While there are many SaaS websites where you can use templates and site building software, it still takes the most precious resource away from the business owner – time. Even then, we could go on how you are stuck in a contract with them. If you don’t pay, your site goes away. One of the best advantages of having your website made on a platform like WordPress is that the website you create or pay someone to make belongs 100% to you. Even if you don’t pay for hosting or your domain a year later, what many business owners do not know, is that you can literally download your website into a zip.rar file folder and keep a copy of it on your computer. This is a huge advantage and saves the business owner money. At Uproot, we use Divi Software to build our websites. Which means, that once we’re finished building your site. It will be extremely easy logging into your WordPress Account and make any future adjustments/updates. This way we save the business owner time, headaches, and money. It’s easier with Uproot.