Lead gen has never been easier

Facebook Lead Generation ads are on of the most effective ways to prospect new clients. Read more about our lead gen strategy, how to set them up, and our tips for success!

Collect the right information from your leads

Facebook’s Lead ads are an option of the ad objectives that allows you to run lead generation ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We love these kind of campaigns because it enables us control over the opt in experience in the case of not having a mobile friendly or user friendly interface on the client’s website. Unlike your typical landing page campaign for opt ins and filled forms, lead ads include a contact form that prefills users information without them ever leaving their Facebook feed! Quick, fast, and easy! This creates less friction, and could work well for many businesses.

Why should you use Lead Gen ads?

What industries use lead form ads?

Insurance agencies & brokers

B2B software & services

Real estate agents

Auto quote & Car dealerships

Registrations for events

Local service based companies 

Pre-filled with the right data

When people click on your lead ad, they’ll be prompted to fill out a short form to send you their contact info. The forms are already pre-filled with user’s contact info!

Download your leads quick

You can easily download your leads to a CSV File, or collect your leads to your CRM such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, & many more.

Customize the lead form questions

You can customize the questions to qualify the user in your lead ad form so that it’s tailored to your business objectives and collect the info you need.

CRM ready integrations

Connecting to a CRM has never been easier. Facebook has many native integrations, plus using a tool like Zapier can help you download your leads faster and take real-time action on new leads.

How to create a Facebook lead gen campaign

Step 1.

Right off the bat, Facebook will give you the option to select your campaign’s objective. To create your lead ad on Facebook, you’ll find the option under the buyer’s journey stage of consideration. Select the lead generation objective.

Step 2.

First things first, name your form with something you’ll be able to remember. This is important if you’re planning on testing different kinds of forms to different kinds of audiences to see which forms are performing better.

Step 3.

Facebook will have a couple of industry standard and template forms for many uses. This helps you create your forms a bit quicker, however many businesses may need extra information or may need custom forms made. We’ve found that more than 3 questions will bring your CPL (cost per lead) higher, but on the bright side, the leads are also more qualified.

Step 4.

The context card is a optional screen that the user will see when they click on the lead gen ad. We recommend writing the ad copy again, and reinstating the offer in the headline. Adding a new picture different from the ad can also be helpful. You can also give links to a privacy disclosure, faq, and disclaimers page on the thank you slide after they have succesfully filled out the lead form. (Which we recommend!) Don’t forget to save your lead form, and you’ll be ready to roll out your lead gen campaign!

Uproot’s lead gen ad tips

Choose your audience very wisely

For lead ads, we recommend you choose a audience that is already down your sales funnel (warm) to get a better optin rate.

Run with a proven lead magnet

 Target with a offer (free quote e.g) and ask for the information you need. Usually the less is better, however more questions could lead to higher qualified leads.

Retrieve leads or send to CRM

You can download your Facebook leads from your Page’s Forms Library or send them directly to your email marketing system or CRM.

Need some extra help or have questions? We’re a full service Atlanta based Facebook Ads agency that helps businesses small and big around the world use Facebook ads and social media more effectively.


Founded in 2016, Uproot is a social media marketing company in Atlanta who helps small businesses in a array of industries to increase exposure and awareness through social media management and powerful Facebook Ads campaigns. Hundreds of clients later, We’ve been on a mission to help small businesses across the country leverage the power of social media and online paid advertising to enhance and grow their business. 

We believe you should take care of the more human interactions and focus on what makes your business unique. and let us handle your marketing efforts. Today, we provide online marketing solutions to many thriving local businesses across the U.S. and Canada, and we’re just getting started!


Why should I work with Uproot instead of its competitors?

Unlike other Facebook advertising agencies, Uproot doesn’t charge a set-up fee, and we offer a simple month-to-month retainer, no contracts, no outsourcing, a great team, and expertise!

What kind of results can I expect?

The key indicators we see if a campaign is successful is fully dependent on the objective you establish with us at the beginning of the campaign. Whether it's traffic, awareness, or actual conversion/sales, we'll evaluate how many people actually converted into the desired objective. If you've already used Facebook Ads in the past with few results, we're pretty sure we can see what common pitfalls you may have ran into to make it into a more successful campaign.

Can I cancel at any time?

We work our butts off every month to make sure you're getting the service you deserve. This is why we don't lock you in any contracts. We just ask and require you to give us a 30 days heads up so we don't leave a mess! You'll always have admin access to your profiles, and of course we'll always use your ad account.

What is the typical process with Uproot once we get started?

Once you signed our project proposal and submitted your information via our client questionaire, your account manager will contact you via email. You will hear from your account manager within one business day. Afterward, our marketing team will set up your account, do a Pixel audit, ask for your list of customers, and set up your campaign.

How much should my Facebook Ads budget be?

We recommend you analyze that by establishing what goals you're trying to accomplish using Facebook Ads. For example a lead generation campaign, you would need to know exactly how much (LTV) Lifetime Value a customer is  worth to you. Based on this principle you would need to know how much you're willing to spend on acquiring each lead. We can always recommend and help you establish this!

Not convinced yet?

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