Our Uproot team has devised four great ways to capture, and make use of your customer’s email directly from your FACEBOOK PAGE! Isn’t that awesome?? We think so.

With over two billion monthly users, Facebook is where the party is happening on the internet. In other blogs, we discuss how important it is for your business to be present with a good Facebook business page and investing in good Facebook ad campaigns. In this blog, we’ll talk about the other thing we do first thing in the morning that isn’t checking Facebook. Our email inbox.

Studies show that emails still the gold standard in audience ownership in the world of digital. Once you’ve captured someone’s email, you’ve basically been given permission to sell them stuff. Great brands always invest in a monthly newsletter, email sales campaigns, and carving out a huge email list. What better place to collect emails than your Facebook page?

This kind of direct marketing also has a huge ROI that rivals even paid social media advertising like Facebook ads. On top of this, to have a well rounded online marketing strategy, you have to find a way to capture that same audience outside of your website and social pages. Email marketing is in our opinion, the best way. Turning your followers on Facebook into your new email subscribers has never been easier. We highly recommend using Atlanta’s very own MailChimp. MailChimp has an amazing Facebook integration that allows you to create signups forms in a flash. Use these for giving out coupons, e-books, and call to actions in your campaigns.

Here are the four tips we promise that will kickstart your email marketing efforts using Facebook.

1. Like we said, use Facebook’s signup forms asap.

Use the MailChimp integration and start signing up people through the engagements and like from your campaigns. Trust us, everyone on Facebook has an email. It’s required when you sign up. So it’s not like your marketing people who don’t have on. Use “Sign Up” as a call to action button on your page. Put that traffic into a data collection of your most loyal customers.

2. Emails will help you cycle your subscribers back to Facebook and vice versa.

While email may have a far larger ROI, that doesn’t mean you should ever forget about Facebook and all the other social channels your business is on!  Cycle them back in the newsfeed by creating links and posts in the emails you send them every week/month. So maybe a post isn’t performing as you wanted it too, just email it to everyone on your list that came from Facebook! The same thing goes for subscribers that came from other sources such as your website. Make sure everyone know about your social channels and encourage them to follow you there as well.

3. Share your brand in a different way through emails. Be more personal.

Sometimes, it’s easier to share a story and your brand through emails. An email is more personal and you can certainly you can personalize each email a lot more than you can via a Facebook post. Share the stories that didn’t make it to your social feeds here so your subscribers don’t think they’re getting every single update just in different formats. Be creative in this approach, and make your brand come alive.

4. Keeping a large email list help you get the word out to your loyal base!

The people who are subscribed to your list are probably subscribed because they don’t want to miss any news, deals, or even a beat from your business. Getting to this level of loyalty is hard, but once you get here it’s well worth it! Whenever you have a big brand announcement or sale, by having direct communication with this base, it will be easier for the word to get out.


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