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We are huge believers in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. We like to think globally, act locally. We believe that the measure of a business is the affect they have on others.

  • For US non-profit organizations, we require any two of the following documents:

    1. A copy of a valid IRS tax-exemption certificate.
    2. A reference to the applicant organization’s listing in the IRS’s most recent list of tax-exempt organizations described in the IRS Code.
    3. A statement from a state taxing body, state Attorney General, or another appropriate state official, certifying that the applying organization has non-profit status and that none of the net earnings accrue to any private shareholders or individuals.
    4. A certified copy of the organization’s certificate of incorporation or similar document that clearly establishes non-profit status.

    Shoot us an email at contact@uprootonline.com for any additonal questions.