If your business hasn’t been implementing paid advertising on Facebook, it may just have to now. Facebook has recently overhauled its old news feed algorithm, and that has the advertising and small business world sweating. In turn, this should also have you sweating since they’ve recently announced that they would be ditching the third party partnership data program due to the current scandal with the big data company, Cambridge Analytica. The social giant is changing its’ news feed to prioritize what friends and family share, which will reduce the amount of content that users see from businesses like yourselves.

We believe brands and businesses will have to spend more on paid ads on Facebook in order to get the same number of impressions and, possibly, so they can just be seen. — this, of course, is making Facebook a good chunk of cash for now… We really hope Wall Street hasn’t gotten to Mark’s head!

The bright side, however, is that this will make the platform a much friendlier environment to be in. So, instead of being bombarded all of the time with ads, the users will be coaxed into spending more time on Facebook, and thus increasing the number of eyeballs online. Lowkey, we are hoping this entire Facebook Scandal is forgotten after the dust clears but for now, what does this mean at the end of the day for small business owners with Facebook pages?

Business Facebook pages have become an increasingly important customer service tool and, as well as, a sales/engagement channel to promote their brand. Many small businesses have used Facebook effectively by it’s (formally known) organic reach. Millions of businesses depend on this community they’ve built online, to update and talk to customers. This all means that now is the time to invest in a good Facebook Ads strategy. This will save you time and money. There is a large amount of good information online, and the best place to learn how to do them effectively is by taking the free Facebook Blueprint.

At first sight, we understand the sour sentiment marketers and especially for small businesses who rely on content marketing. It’s a big hurdle to overcome for those with a limited marketing budget. This is why, for our social media management services, we always include a $75 ad credit to run relevant campaigns to your followers and your target audience. We believe this helps us to help you see the impact that social media can still have on your business. Remember, just posting content, without any virality, can be a waste of time and very time-consuming. That’s why we’re committed to making you see results.

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