Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook gang have established themselves as the number one Goliath in the world of digital advertising. They are well on their way to a one trillion dollar valuation. Almost all because this was thanks to their ability to monetize users and harness the data they get to collect.

Meanwhile, Facebook has long been marketing its advertising platform as the number one place to sell and market your business. I mean it’s not a hard sell, everyone’s grandmother and great uncle is on Facebook. While the company continues to innovate new dazzling features for marketers, developers, and data junkies of all kinds, it’s more remarkable the power of the specificity of its data mining machine. Facebook’s data eating machine knows every single one of its users very intimately. A mind-boggling number of specific details, some highly personal, about its 1.6 billion active monthly users, which then, in turn, can help small businesses and corporations play with and allows them to target potential customers. This is super helpful for small businesses located in a very specific area. It can do wonders for them and their brand awareness.

Here are some tips from the Uproot team

Determine your target demographic.

When we analyze and see what our clients have been doing with their advertisements,  9 out of 10 times they’re boosting the posts or taking a very general message and trying to reach out to a mass audience. Facebook isn’t TV folks, —  back when you could pay a million dollars to sell something on TV for $19.95 plus shipping. The power in Facebook Ads lies not in the number of people it’s reaching out to at once, but instead targeting and niching out a segment of that audience who is more than likely to buy your product or services. You were targeting everyone, everywhere indiscriminately. To get your money’s worth, small businesses that don’t have an expert or a marketing budget must learn how to use Facebook ads to harness it’s full potential power.

Tell the right story to the right audience

This means business owners need to find out who they’re trying to market and target before creating an ad campaign. It helps by starting off and listing who isn’t a typical or “ideal” customer. An example, Our client Taqueria Michoacana of Cedartown, Georgia shouldn’t be targeting people in the entire state or cities that are far from it like Atlanta. Instead, we recommend refining an ad’s reach by targeting specific, overlapping demographics: In this case, targeting people within a 5-10 miles radius who have been to similar establishments or are Mexican food lovers.

Much of this, like anything in life, is a trial and error and you will probably make mistakes and lose some money. Don’t give up, For owners still unsure about the entire tools and processes that Facebook offers businesses, we recommend they spend some time doing the courses over at Facebook Blueprint, or they can let us handle everything. 🙂

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