Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Stop feeding Zillow. Get exclusive leads and build your brand with Facebook Lead Generation Ads.


Real estate marketing isn’t like it used too. You can’t just mail postcards and post a few times on your Facebook page to stay relevant. Even regular ads aren’t as effective anymore. You ned to be running Facebook ads that drive traffic to a landing page, either on Facebook or on your website. From creating highly converting landing pages to identifying a laser targeted audience, we can drive leads and new customers to your CRM.

Here’s the scope:

  • We’ll install any Facebook Pixels needed to retarget visitors off your website.
  • Our team will design beautiful brand friendly advertisments around your campaigns.
  • We’ll do research on your industry niche, handcraft your own Custom audience and Lookalike audience, while paying attention to demographics, interests and behaviours of your most typical customers.
  • Development of any custom landing pages to collect leads & customer information.
  • You’ll get your very own account manager & realtime dashboard updating you weekly on the progress of your campaigns.
  • Follow up tools for your agents or yourself.
  • Messenger bot sequences to nurture leads long-term.

Agency Tested & Proven Strategies To Gain More Real Estate Leads With Facebook Ads

The process for a successful real estate lead generation ad can sometimes be tricky. We’ve worked with dozens of real estate agents and broker offices. We know the proven strategies and the simple mistakes many realtors make when creating Facebook ads to generate leads, and most importantly, deals. Our system and strategy combines powerful messenger bot automations, detailed targeting, follow up tools, and amazing video ads to get the pipeline full and ready every single month. Why spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on Zillow? Facebook Leads are not shared and are exclusive. Build your brand and start being the go-too agent in your local area. 

Messenger Bots

Ditch old email strategies and engage with more leads through messenger marketing with open rate 75% higher than regular email. 

Beautiful Ads & Detailed Targeting

We’ll keep a watchful eye on the best performing ad campaigns to optimize and make any adjustments as needed. We’ll also design short video ads for you. 

Lead Owl

Never worry about your clients or sales people forgetting to call their leads again! We take the work out of babysitting your clients so you can accomplish more.