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Sometimes if you’re a small business owner you don’t have the resources and most importantly the time (which is the most precious resource for any entrepreneur!) to run your business’s social media channels. That’s why we’re here. If you haven’t already learned why it’s important for your business to be active on social media, you’ve come to the right place. to find out why you’re pretty much wasting your marketing budget on billboards and newspapers. It’s 2017 and you need need to identify who your customer is on a deeper level. You need to know what where they hang out online, what niche they belong too and what exactly are the pain points you fix with your product or service. Anyways let’s cut to the chase. You are a small business owner and you do not have time to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc an hour or more each day. You have plenty of other things to do but you don’t want to be behind on the marketing trends and you want to continue having a flow of customers. Most importantly you want growth. So the question is..

What’s the most effective & affordable way to reach your customers?

Social Media Marketing is. With the power of the social platforms, we have available, never has it been easier. You can now reach your exact customer better than ever. We know that medium to larger businesses has the funds for a marketing team or department but small businesses do not. Most small businesses have yet to harness the power of social media marketing. From restaurants, law firms, to even nightclubs (of course). The amount of traffic you can direct to your website or business address is amazing. It can truly impact your sales and growth. To do this successfully, you need creative content, the demographics of your area, your typical customers, a good website, ads budget, & most importantly time. The only problem we have now is time. A normal small business owner usually has someone on staff doing the “social media” upkeep and announcements but often the business profiles are either left neglected or the social media marketing aspect is never realized to it’s fullest potential. Social media agencies can often promise you followers and likes, we promise the right ones that are most likely to become recurring or first-time customers. At Uproot we understand it’s not always a piece of cake to build a solid foundation online and maintain the social media profiles on all platforms for your small business. Most often, it’s finding the hours and the time to really learn and invest your precious time into it. It’s in our philosophy and brand statement to teach entrepreneurs how to effectively take advantage of digital marketing for their small business. We want to work together to bring your business online and grow. Take online marketing off you “to do list” and let us handle it for you. Open the gateway for growth & reputation online. You want to be there when customers go out and look for you. We’ll take care of that. Here are some interesting ways social media why social media can impact your business and traffic tenfold.

Build your reputation online.

1. Your customers are talking about you online.

Sometimes bad reviews and comments happen. Every entrepreneur will run into that one customer. You want to make sure you are delivering the best customer service possible online and share your side of the story. A happy customer will come back again and again. One angry customer will tell ten other people how bad your service was. Save some headaches and money.

2. Grow your followers and likes.

Once you’ve built up a fan base and pretty much have your entire community on your page, you’ll no longer have to really spend too much on ads and other marketing ploys. Having access to a platform where you can update thousands of people is pretty powerful. Those that harness the power of social media create huge sources of traffic and enjoy great returns from marketing deals and call to actions online.

3. Build a brand

Part of building and cleaning your reputation online is fostering relationships with your customers. How do they engage with you? How do they perceive your logo and brand? Maybe there is something your not seeing. If that’s the case we recommend listening to what they save. Sometimes this can steer you into the new trends or steer you away from practices or things that are hurting your business. To learn more on how to brand your business, click here.

Find out more on how Uproot can manage your businesses social accounts. Let’s work together and start growing. Receive a free quote and assessment on how we can start building your business online.