At Uproot, we’re huge fans of using data, analytics, and the best tools to formulate and build our social media strategies. So when it came to Googling and researching what the best methods to do so are, we found the best information from these companies studies.

Of course, Facebook would have the most insightful data and information for marketers and brands to use, but the later also studied hundreds of thousands of Instagram posts and trends. What they came up with is pretty awesome. Let’s take a look.

Their research found many things that we could already assume, but other tips that we would not know of and would probably fly over any business owner’s head. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Instagram marketing.

1. Instagram’s young audience likes modern, new, and useful content from brands and accounts.

According to Statista, an online market research firm, the largest user base on Instagram is compromised of 24-35-year-olds as of December 2018, this accounts for a little bit over 1/4 of all Instagram accounts. In the second pace are 18-24 year olds who compromise about 20.4% of Instagram’s US profile base. So, as we knew already Instagram is super popular with Generation Y and Millenials. If this is your target market, Instagram is a great platform to be marketing on.

2. Posting frequency is not as important as posting consistency, post better content, not just more.

We get this question all of the time.

“How often should I be posting on Instagram and social media?”

Most major brands post about 2 times a day. However, some post as many as 10 times per day without seeing a significant fall in engagement. It depends on how your users will engage with you. You don’t want to clutter their feed if they don’t like or see your content as useful. Instagram’s algorithm now ranks posts on relevancy so you might not be getting those post in people’s faces as much as you’d like, even if they follow you. We recommend tackling this with evergreen posts, which is the same content that is posted over and over.

However, be very consistent. Don’t go long periods without posting. 

Tailwind, an Instagram image marketing tool, analyzed more than 100,000 Instagram posts and gave us some tips on why high posting frequency could, in fact, grow your following organically. Accounts that bost at least seven times a week, will get more post than the latter who do not.

You, however, might not be ready or even able to post so much. Maybe, in fact, you shouldn’t. Here’s why.

  1. Your target audience and following might not be used to seeing so much content from you in one day. You don’t want them to think you’re being very spammy.
  2. You’re busy running your business, and you probably don’t have time to create truly good content to share.
  3. You might make the mistake of publishing sub-par content that is not relevant to your brand.


3. Your business should stop ignoring Instagram Stories.

Here’s one quick stat that was reported on Techcrunch:

  • Instagram Stories generated, on average, 35 percent more views for businesses than Snapchat’s counterpart, according to the mobile video platform, dubdub. This is huge! Snapchat needs to do something quick our they’ll be Snapbye. Instagram has taken the social media war by storm and is growing much faster than Snapchat.

Many people go through their stories as the first thing to check when they open the Instagram app. Instagram and Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to even target your ads in this way. This is a great way to get a full phone screen ad across to your customers. We encourage business owners to capture emails, or just simply design a CTA (Call to action) so you can get more visits, calls, bookings, and more. Instagram now even has your saved history feature on your Instagram bio, that allows you to save your best stories so customers can relive them again and again. This could be great for a product catalog or events.

4. ALWAYS use your hashtags and location when posting

Hashtags are the norm on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Simplymeasured was studying the Instagram accounts of the top 100 global brands in 2014, they found out that 88 percent of all of the posts included at least on #hashtag.

It’s an obvious reason why this is. Hashtags help more people discover your content on Instagram. So whenever you post a picture of your best dishes, do some hashtag research and see what’s already trending for them. You can probably generate a couple of likes and comments on this alone. The same reason goes for adding a location. Many people want to see what’s going on in their local Instagram feeds. By adding your local stories and geolocation to your posts, users can come and encounter your brand organically.

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