Nothing is better than traditional marketing.

What do we mean by that? We’re talking about referral and mouth to mouth marketing. Whenever someone locally knows and likes your business, chances are they are probably going to tell 10 other people about your business. At least 2 of those people are going to visit your business after hearing how good your products or services are. Once it spreads, it really spreads. Have you really ever asked yourself what your sort of impact your brand is making inside your community? Here are some sure-fire ways your brand can start to leave a footprint in your community.

Join and get involved with your Chamber of Commerce.

This is almost a dead giveaway. It’s very obvious that once your business positions itself around a center of influence, your brand will get exposure and local credibility. Not only do Chambers of Commerce provide insight, resources, and discounts on other member’s services. They also will refer your services and products whenever someone comes and asks for them. They usually have yearly events to get involved in philanthropic local causes.

Sponsor local events

It can be a raffle for a free pass to your services, putting your logo on shirts or water-bottles at local 5k, even giving away a small scholarship to a student. The opportunities are endless. We know it’s not always about the money, but the vast majority of these “marketing” tips are tax deductible. So it’s not that big of a blow if you have a small marketing budget, yet the return is very good due to the excellent penetration of local traffic. Start small and later down the line your brand can start hosting large local events. That’s when you’re making the most impact.


If your brand is new or has no local credibility. The face of your brand right now is you. This means it’s time to get involved. Join local clubs and organizations related to your services and share your story. Get connected with other local business owners and discuss the pain points about the market and possibly even collaborate. Go to networking events and give out and collect business cards. Are you looking for employees? Sign up at a job fair for a booth. Any chance you get, share your business!