Since the beginning of the mass market use of the internet, companies, and marketers have been figuring out how to use the internet to grow their businesses and get traffic. It’s a beautiful obsession and science. From the early Netscape, Yahoo, and the tacky, weird looking widgets that would pop up everywhere on the internet to the world-changing invention of Adsense and Adwords, (Which Google acquired). The marketing world has always found ways to get products and businesses in front of the right people. As we’re diving more and more into the future, this is a truly pivotal point for small businesses. You need the right tools to make it online. While Adwords and Adsense are still highly relevant and popular today, we now believe we have access to one of the most important and powerful tools in internet marketing history. The most amazing part about it is that it’s affordable and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a few hours a week to master it. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

Facebook ads that are. As you are reading this, more than 1.5 billion active users are scrolling and reading their newsfeeds full of friend’s updates, family photos, events, pages they follow, and of course advertisements every single month. Just the average American spends at least 5 hours on Facebook every single day. This is an enormous opportunity to seize not only as a marketer, but as any business (small or large) to use Facebook to increase calls, sales, conversions, visits, awareness, and reach. Also, nearly every demographic and affinity group is present. Just take a look

It’s incredibly important from the start to find out who your target customer is. It’s even better if, inside your business operations and sales, you’re already collecting valuable customer data such as emails. Using this email list and data, you can feed it to Facebook to create something called a “lookalike audience”. This pretty much means that Facebook uses those emails to find your customers in their massive database. Knowing how much behavioral and interest data Facebook collects, it’s very easy for them to find more people like your customers that are ready to and are interested in what your business is offering. The crazy part is that that is JUST the beginning. It’s the tip of the Iceberg. There are retargeting strategies, video carpet bombing, and pixel tracking campaigns. There’s truly no limit to what you can do with Facebook’s rich data pool of potential customers. All those other targetings and advanced strategies are just icing on the cake.

Of course, whenever you sign up your business page for a business manager account and create an ad account, the platform can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Choosing the right objective, the right targeting, the right locations, the right ad copy and creative. We get it, and we went through it years ago. It’s hard at first, but after truly committing to learning and giving it the time it needs, it can really take your business to the next level. It can either be a very expensive tax write off or change the way your business does advertising forever. The truth is that most Facebook advertisers waste their money on poor ads, copy, and targeting. However, even despite this, it’s something we recommend you just ignore. Facebook has taken over the world. Facebook is the matrix that mostly everyone lives in. The crazy part is, that Facebook gives you the tools to influence everyone in it.

It’s time to pull the trigger. 

We know Facebook ads can be intimidating especially if it’s your first time advertising online. We help small businesses build affordable and profitable Facebook ad campaigns. We work with restaurants, doctors, chiropractors, gyms, bars, and many other services and e-commerce related clients. Visit our Facebook Ads page to learn a little bit more on how we work.

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