The continuous increase of digital technology has changed the game for marketing. It has become close to impossible for a business to grow without a digital platform. Whether you’re a small business starting up or an established company, here are some reasons you should invest time into your online presence.

Direct access to your consumers

This is, by far, the biggest advantage of social media sites. Marketing is now a two-way conversation in which you can get instant feedback on virtually, no pun intended, anything. Social media allows you to do things like advertise events or announce promotions more efficiently than before. You no longer have to wait for the planning and production of print, tv, or radio ads to go live.

The direct access also allows for a more personable connection with your audience. A post on someone’s newsfeed is more relatable than a generic commercial that plays every other commercial break. It’s a chance to connect with your consumers on a personal level and build loyalty.

It’s an affordable investment!

Social media allows you to track and monitor the results of your digital campaigns easily. You are then able to see what is effective and what isn’t, which gives you the freedom to improve your campaign at any moment. This, in turn, eliminates much of market research expenses you would have had to invest in before. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you to have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Opportunity to turn the negative into positive

When you have negative experience anywhere, you are more likely to talk about that with others than if you just had a pleasant time. The difference is that in the digital world, your entire following has access to see that one negative comment. Take advantage of the platform you have to reach out to that individual and correct an unpleasant situation. The same way everyone can see the negative review, they can see the way in which you handled the situation.

If a company is looking to grow and does not have an online presence, the likelihood of it succeeding to its full potential will be tough. As time changes, trends change and you have to be able to keep up with them to survive against your competition. At Uproot, we make that transition possible. It’s in our DNA to help small businesses.