We’re on the verge of 2018. It’s almost been 20 years since the internet started taking over our lives. Millions of small businesses have faded from our economy and millions more have popped up since then. Unless you live somewhere extremely rural, it’s very unlikely that your businesses growth hasn’t been influenced by some form of digital marketing. Whether you implemented it in your strategy or it’s just a by-product of the adoption of the internet in our daily lives. It’s either brought you customers or it’s done the exact opposite thing. Consumers now have an option. No longer do they “just” rely on word of mouth. They check out your website, social pages, and even third-party review sites like Yelp and Google. Not being there can hurt your business just as much as negative comment or review.

So the question is, what is your business doing to set a plan in place as the internet encroaches every segment and process of your business?

Some say it’s easier now than ever to start a business. While that may be true, we believe it’s harder today to start and create a sustainable, successful business. Most businesses fail. They fail to prepare in many ways that can be fixed or prevented. You now have to worry about more things to make your business grow and keep growing. While word of mouth is the best engine of growth.. competing against larger businesses with more resources can crumble your dreams if you are not prepared. We believe at Uproot, that if you’re a small business, it’s crucial to invest in branding, marketing, and hiring the best people who can guide the companies mission into the next decade. It’s no longer enough to just have the “best prices” or even the highest quality services around. You need to invest in what truly makes your business better, different, and will help you rise up in the market. Enhancing this and amplifying it online is a great avenue of growth and brand awareness. With the coming of artificial intelligence, automation, and intelligent marketing practices, the gap between the enterprises and small businesses is only going to get bigger. The time is now to make the transition.