At Uproot, we have four key principles to our advertising strategy and philosophy. Combining these four principles gives us unique leverage and upper hand to just blindly wasting advertising budgets and not having a common goal when working with a client. Digital marketing trends and history tells us that when you half-ass a project or a campaign, nothing good comes out of it. The client is wasting his time and money, the agency gets fired and their reputation is burned, and of course, nobody wins. We like to give our clients custom proposals because we know each and every business has unique needs. We build out a plan and strategy around their infrastructure and business goals. Most of the time, we handle everything in between. From a complete social media management strategy to a custom WordPress website. In this article, we want to go over what makes Uproot a great agency and what our philosophy is built from.

     1. Staying true to your identity and brand guidelines. 

This is something that a lot of our clients and the entire small business market have a lot of trouble at executing. When dealing with business growth, and especially multi-business location, it’s crucial to start building the foundation for your brand design consistency and following the personification of your business across all of your marketing channels. That means implementing this in your internal marketing strategy inside your business, in places where Uproot can’t assist you. From your menus, your logo, prints, and even the way your business carries itself in the community you serve, you have to nail this one down. For us, branding holds a very special place in our heart. We started out as a branding agency for franchises when our co-founder Javier was helping franchises as a consultant to holding their brand identity in new markets. Slowly, Uproot evolved and we’re a much bigger team but these branding roots have helped us give our clients the feeling that we’re not just an advertising agency, but an extension of their business operations.

     2. Advertising should be transparent.  

Wasted Facebook Ads budgets and blackhat SEO tactics can kill businesses online. We’ve seen and read of horror stories when clients websites go under because their host locks them out of their domains and WordPress sites. Even worse, sometimes their held hostage. Not only do we try our best to operate our business and our services in the most ethical way. We try our best to humble and let you know when we don’t know something. Sometimes we don’t have all of the answers, and if you schedule a call with us, we’ll find out right away if we’re the agency that can help you. We’re not a one size fits all agency. With that being said, we also believe all of the campaigns we run for you should also be transparent. We don’t believe in any harmful short-term growth tactics, we hate giving you vanity metrics, and we’ll never leave hanging. That’s our promise to you.

     3. Harness the power of targeting.

We live in a very special time for advertising and marketing. Marketers now have access to rich data of their audiences and can now be held accountable for any results and campaigns with metrics. No longer are you forced to choose a billboard or a newspaper and have the salesman tell you that the “whole town” reads this. Where’s his proof? Well with social media analytics and modern marketing services you can see exactly how many people are interested, saw your advertisement, and clicked. But wait, there’s more. If you’re not marketing “savvy” we don’t expect you to know these things, but there’s also something called A/B split testing and retargeting. Split testing is showing different variations of your ad to the same audience and adjust which one is performing better for the best results. For the latter, ever realize how when realizing when you search for Pillows on Amazon, and these fluffy things also weirdly appear on your Facebook feed and follow you the web while you surf? Well it’s not magic, and it’s not rocket science. That’s retargeting and it’s one of the most revolutionary and effective ways to convert your visitors into customers.

    4. Create content with an emotional reward.

Whenever we create our content, we want to give some form of value. We very rarely ever ask for an email in exchange, and our main goal is the educate each and every interested reader into understanding the good principles of marketing and advertising. We believe this helps the visitor come back to our website and be more aware of our brand and what it stands for. This is a tip that we encourage all of our clients to do with their content strategy. For example, if you’re a Mexican restaurant, a great way to get more hits on your website is to write articles and infographics about the best recipes, cooking videos, and the most delicious plates you have on your menu. People like this, and are more encouraged to come to your brand next time they’re thinking of eating or cooking some good Mexican soul food. This is semi-connected to your branding, and if you can execute on both successfully, you’ve got a home run.

Great businesses execute on these four principles flawlessly. Combining this philosophy and incorporating a powerful brand identity, content strategy, ethical advertising approach, and powerful marketing, your business’s mission, and your vision can spread like wildfire.

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