Fitness centers usually need constant marketing to keep the signups fresh and compete with other local facilities. Today, the best way to do that is investing in Facebook and it’s a powerful advertising platform. Thousands of gyms of all kinds… Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Yoga, and other fitness centers are pouring their entire marketing budget here because it works. We want to show you the reasons why you should invest in this channel but also how you can build a community out of your gym and increase enthusiasm for your brand.

1. Targeting the right customers

Facebook’s ad optimization and increasingly powerful targeting allow you to control who gets to see your advertisement. You can select regions and the radius around your location. Obviously, for a one location brand, you’d want to target the nearest proximity of customers or have the smallest radius. Another great selection is showing the advertisement to people who have liked your page and their friends. This is great because more than likely, you’ll be targeting your ads to people who have heard of your gym and also retargeting people already signed up or really far down your sales funnel.

2. Creating a good offer

When you push your advertisement into the Facebook Universe, you want to make sure you catch that person’s attention and hook them. For gyms, we usually recommend a free 3-day trial in exchange for an email and blast them offer over the course of the next few days. Another great way to boost likes is to create giveaways such as your brand apparel, supplements, and gear. Being on top of your advertisement and responding to your customers at this stage is crucial.

3. Create good content

Once you’ve built a community around your business page, it’s important to keep the content fresh. Your members and fans want to know what’s going on inside the gym. This is huge if you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your gym (feedback) and also if you sell inventory inside. Reminding members of class times, events, and specials (referrals) can help bring revenue from your already converted fans. Making content and posting every day is hard, there are tons of scheduling tools, but you still have to create good unique content based on your brand guidelines.
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