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Your business operates in the digital age. It’s an age where content marketing dominates in every sense. Cobbling together a couple of blog posts and letting them sit in your website doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure, people still search for good content online and consume it, but they’re increasingly spending a huge amount of their spare time on social media. Every business that wants to see tremendous growth today must design a solid social media strategy. That’s why businesses in Georgia and beyond may want to work with an effective Vila Rica social media agency.


Social Media Promises Enormous Potential

Why are millions of people on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Yes, most people visit social media sites to fritter away time, but once there, they do way more than that. They may consult friends and even complete strangers about the products and services they need. They discuss brands and amazing deals. They also talk about bad customer experiences.

Social media websites are evolving into places where brands can interact with existing and potential customers. Even luxurious brands are spending vast amounts of resources and time trying to keep people engaged. According to one recent report, 40 percent of all luxury purchases result from brand-consumer interactions on social media.


Leveraging Instagram and Pinterest

Every business today needs to stay in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Your business should have a Facebook page, of course, and you also should pursue Twitter followers. However,  Instagram and Pinterest are where the real action seems to be happening these days.

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Instagram Matters: It Sees More than 1 Billion Monthly Users

Instagram has emerged as a very important platform when it comes to online marketing. Branded content on Twitter and Facebook on average receives about 2 percent engagement. By comparison, similar posts attract an engagement rate of about 30 percent on Instagram. 

Things get even more exciting for companies dealing in luxury goods. The study mentioned above also uncovered another interesting fact. It’s that 93 percent of all social interactions with luxury brands happen on Instagram. Instagram recently surpassed 1 billion users, making it a platform you never want to ignore. 


Pinterest Boasts 150,000,000+ Pinners

Pinterest is another social media site to which you should pay attention. Well, it’s not as big or as popular as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but averaging 150 million pinners every month is no small achievement.


The Nature of the Pinterest Crowd

What does the crowd that “hangs out” on Pinterest look like? You might be surprised to know that 67 percent of them are under the age of 40. Also, 54 percent of them are women ages 34 to 55. But here’s what’s exciting about these female pinners: About 35 percent of them are from households that gross more than $100,000 annually. 

In addition to the women, men seem to be joining Pinterest in droves. You really should be active on Pinterest. The platform is business-friendly. It offers quite a few great features that can help you supercharge your online visibility and know-how to reach your target audience.


Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Company?

You can craft your social media posts and publish them yourself, right? So, why order expensive social media marketing services? 

The main reasons businesses work with digital marketers is that the best ones can deliver big results. A digital marketing agency focuses on one thing — online marketing. Not surprisingly, concentrating on one single thing for a long time translates into extensive expertise eventually. 


Four (4) Reasons to Hire a Social Media Marketing Company

Let’s roll.

1. It Saves Time

You’re busy trying to manage your business, employees, contracts, suppliers, and more. You most likely don’t have any time left to drive your social media strategy. 

You can’t ignore social media in this day and age. If you can afford it — and most businesses can — hire a reputable digital marketing agency. It saves tons of time. Also, your productivity will likely see a significant boost.


2. Good Digital Marketing Agencies Deliver

No one ever selects an online marketing agency just because they like them. Businesses hire them because they receive great value from using them. 

Good Digital Marketing Agencies Deliver Uproot


Results such as likes, tweets, and link clicks are measurable. A great social media company should deliver acceptable results within a reasonable timeframe. If they fail to deliver as promised, bin them off and hire someone else. Many successful businesses and organizations today engage social media consultants to drive brand recognition.


3. Reputation Management

Everyone out there talks about products and brands they interact with. Most importantly, they talk about their experiences with different brands. Whether you’re in food processing or run a restaurant, people will talk about you. Companies that don’t manage their social media presence right keep getting raked over the coals by irate customers. 

The worst mistake any modern business can make when criticized (whether fairly or unfairly) is to stay quiet. That’s precisely what Nestlé did a couple of years ago. 

Somebody on social complained that the company didn’t seem to care much about the environment. What did Nestlé do? The company continued acting like the concerns raised didn’t matter one iota. And that irked people. Soon, angry people online started commenting negatively and to even (with ill intent) modify the company’s logo. The onslaught was so terrible that the company just had to close their Facebook page!

So don’t be like Nestlé. Instead, have a proven social media reputation management company handling issues for you. When customers or users voice concerns, someone should start engaging them quickly. You must zealously guard your online reputation. And the right social media consultant assist you in with that task.


4. Lead Generation

Social media marketing helps you build your brand. But it does more than that. If done well, such marketing efforts can dramatically revitalize your sales.  In truth, many successful businesses today rely on social media to generate leads. Most are posting impressive results. 

The beauty of marketing on social media platforms is that it can minimize costs by over 40 percent. What’s more, online marketing on social media has been found to grow revenue by 24 percent. The right social media company helps you turn your social media campaigns into a machine that pumps out leads.


Putting it all Together

Businesses today should leverage every powerful tool that the digital age offers. Brands are spending a pretty penny on social media campaigns. They aim to keep people engaged about the business, its products, and services. Being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram can significantly increase a company’s online visibility. 

But do you have the time and the expertise to manage your marketing content on social media? Don’t worry. You can always hire a social media management company. 

Are you based in Vila Rica, Georgia? Resolve to find a proven Vila Rica social media agency to drive lead generation. If you want, you can contact now and get a free proposal.