And why you should take advantage of being first in your local search engine results.

Across the country, thousands of small businesses from all walks of life have taken advantage of powerful SEO tactics to grow their business and be organically found online. From plumbers, electricians, orthodontists, to doctors, If your customer is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to you. SEO is the way to go. Let’s talk about small towns and small businesses and why SEO can mean a huge opportunity for online success. For example, the bigger the city, the more likely chances there are that there is a business already using SEO to take advantage of the local search engines. If your business is located in New York, with a population of about twenty million. There really is no hope for your business appearing first when there are fifty other businesses fighting for a spot on the first page. But let’s look at a random small town across somewhere in the United States like, say, Calhoun, Georgia. With a population of twenty-five thousand. You can be sure that not many businesses even know about SEO. Many small towns still rely on traditional marketing. Even though that has been proven time after time, that it is more expensive per customer to use. This particular market segment is often called the “late adopters” or “laggards”. We aren’t trying to knock on small businesses in small towns, but this is like a secret weapon many entrepreneurs can use to maximize and take control of a certain area.


Creede, Colorado (Getty Images)

All this being said, this is for your business if your town is usually the one less traveled. We recommend our SEO services to boost up your site’s ranking. To be fair, these local towns can still usually get away sometimes with not having a website. We know, it’s crazy but not everyone has taken advantage of digital marketing. Usually, these businesses rely on word of mouth and a Facebook page for their business. However as time passes by, online visibility is becoming more and more important. As more franchises and bigger businesses move in the area, you have to be competitive. Your type of business is also a big variable. If your town is known for its industry, you might have a lot of competition. If other businesses haven’t already used SEO, now is the time to “ambush” the competition. SEO is a long and expensive process if you’re targeting national search engine rankings, but for local search, it can be a bit more affordable and quicker. It’s time to uproot your business. Learn more on how SEO works and if it’s a right fit for your business here