Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the marketing trends. You read and hear about it all the time. You need a “Website”, You need “SEO”, you need “Social Media Marketing”, You need PPC, SEM, Google Pixel, Retargeting, … It’s just too much for the small business owner. How can you be sure what works in between all of the noise?

Well, the truth is, you can’t. Nobody can guarantee you complete success with your marketing efforts. There are too many internal variables. Such as your market, your business model, and timing. Luckily the rule of thumb is that as long as you have a website, and you commit to at least being present on social media, you can pass the test for online visibility. Some people are more ambitious and want a bigger exposure and market share, and others seem just fine competing in their local market. For mobile apps, it’s a question of how committed you are to making that marketing strategy and brand building plan work for your business. We promise you, if we build it, they won’t just come. Now, in certain industries where appointments, mobile ordering, and customer loyalty check-ins are commonplace, it is quite easy to get downloads as long as your app has its proper functionality.

Here are the key features that might fit your industry and reasons why your small business should have a mobile app for your customers.

  • 1. Mobile Ordering

    Restaurants get this one immediately. No more remembering what your customer ordered over the phone, or collecting payments on delivery. Customers can pay directly in the app and the money can usually be deposited in your operating account within a few days. An entire menu, and customization options so your customers can order what they want when they want. This feature also works great with Taxi businesses and other industries where you provide services to a location.

  • 2. Customer Loyalty

    This is perfect for salons, boutiques, restaurants, and gyms. Reward your customers for loyalty and build your brand. This encourages your customers to continue shopping and coming back to your brick and mortar store. Nothing yells “LOYALTY” like your customer keeping your app on their home screen. The loyalty feature makes sure it’s verified in person by yourself or your staff. Buy 5, get 1 free; you know what your customers love! Ditch the old stamp cards and offer rewards through your mobile app.

  • 3. Push Notifications & Donations

    Non-profits & Churches are always in dire need of charitable work and donations. Make it easier for your organization to collect the much-needed funds and schedule events out to let your member know of upcoming events. Need to let everyone know you guys are looking for volunteers? Just send a push notification.

Mobile apps for small businesses is just one of the service we offer over here at Uproot. We want to make it easy for small businesses to get into the digital age. Click here for more information.