Google has taken over our lives. It’s become many businesses center of digitalization. From email, domains, images, videos, shopping, and the obvious search engine. Have you ever tried to Google your business? It’s imperative that your business should at least pop up in the local maps. If not, then you are losing an enormous amount of potential traffic and calls. Look below as an example.

When you Google, “web design near me” or “social media management” in our area, you should find one of our small offices on the first page, or at least on the maps. This helps us get new business owners looking to grow their company and other interested leads. Now, let’s come back to your business. Do you own a restaurant? Google usually brings us pictures of your food, menu, hours, phone number and even a direct link to your website. Most importantly, your reviews are there for the entire world to see. Claiming your Google listing is extremely easy, and we do it for all of our clients and awesome customers here at Uproot. First then to get started if you already aren’t on the maps is to claim your listing here on GoogleMyBiz. You’ll probably need a Gmail account so it’s all good if you already have one. Claiming is easy and usually just takes one day if your phone number is already listed or about a week before Google mails you a verification code. You want to be the one to manage your location because you get to decide what basic information is out there like your website link, business hours, and it gives you the ability to respond to any reviews you may have. If you’re in a crowded space, then it’s best if you encourage your customers to give you feedback and leave you reviews as incentives to other things. All of your reviews are just from Google. Their review system pulls ratings from other sources like Yelp and Facebook. So go ahead and try a little exercise. Google your industry plus “near me” and see who you’re stacked up against. If you need any help, shoot us a message and we’d love to give you some feedback and point you in the right direction.